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SHHVASSS ( GURUKUL ) is a home for destitute, orphan and underprivileged children.

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About Us

SHHVASSS ( Registration # F-50367/P is an institution conceived by Pandit Mangesh Maharaj Kadam and is devoted to Sadhana (Discipline) and Seva (Service to Humanity).

In the direction of bringing a new era and providing real education to the needy sections of society.A Gurukul is started in Alandi (Devacahi), Pune. Maharashtra.

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For a deseving kids from our school

Students Listening to Master 

After Gurukul Program 


The session started in June 2017.   Support from all members of society will ensure that this effort moves towards a successful establishment of a true Gurukul.

Step 01.

All the courses are available in the Gurukul program where students enrolling for the school program will live at the Gurukul hostel and get admission to nearby Government schools in town. Students will enter into a new era of education in their lives where they will experience holistic development through methodologies and practices deep rooted in the ancient Indian system of learning.  

Step 02.

The children will receive supreme care by the Gurus of the Gurukul who will train them to be good humans and make them individuals who would be enlightened by the wisdom and character that is needed to lead a contented life irrespective of the outcomes of their future endeavours.

Step 03.

Students will be trained in self-learning skills and self study techniques thereby promoting self-development. Yoga and meditation will be practiced daily for relaxation/concentration. Student will also be able to enjoy sports activities where personalised coaching is available in the Gurukul.  

Step 04.

The school-integrated program is unique for the students that integrate school syllabus mastery and test preparation skills with personal self-study and focused coaching. At Gurukul we believe to be in sync with the modern. We prepare the students for their Board examination and also for competitive examinations according to the school curriculum so that the students are in harmony with the needs of both the levels in stress free environment.

Step 05.

Giving, caring, sharing and helping are a few traits that the students pick up in the Gurukul as they pass through.

A “Home away from Home” is what our Gurukul stands for and gives the parents assurance that their wards are in the safe and loving and caring hands of committed Gurus. 

Step 06.

The Gurukul caters to children coming from rural communities and underprivileged families, where they can learn yoga, Indian classical and semi classical music (pakhawaj, tabla, harmonium, vocal), bhajans and keertan, modern scientific education, motivational and spiritual knowledge, Indian philosophy and Indian culture with holy books as Bhagwat Geeta, Dnyaneshwari, Ramayana and Mahabharata etc. with Moral values and much more.

Be A Enabler

For a deseving kids from our school

SHHVASSS - Gurukul is a home for destitute, orphan and underprivileged children.

Supreme Care By the Gurus To Make Them  as Good Humans & individuals

GURUKUL is conceived by Pandit Mangesh Maharaj Kadam

Our Program

Self expression & Communication

Responsibility & Team work

Cultural, Civic, Family & Moral Values

Education & Career Development

Yoga, Meditation & Introduction to Indian Heritage

Emphasis on Sanskrit, Hindi and English communication

Dance, Music, Literary activities & Dramatics

Sports & Recreation. Extensive Library for spiritual growth

Nature & Outdoor activities, Arts and Crafts

Interaction with well known personalities

Comfortable accommodation, Clothes & other educational aids

Health & Literacy program for underprivileged children

Proper diet and nutrition 

Holistic development (Emotional, physical, social & psychological)

Be A Enabler

For a deseving kids from our school

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Our Plan


2018- 20 Plan




For The Child

Be A Enabler

For a deseving kids from our school

2018 and 2020 Plan

With the successful implementation of the concept of Gurukul combined with modern education through Shhvasss in its first year with 20 children joining the Gurukul Proving that this concept can move forward:  

It is planned to enlarge this experiment in the year 2018-2020 with the establishment of a residential program. 

This residential program envisages a total of 125 children from various communities to live together in close proximity and imbibe spiritual learning in addition to the traditional learning through school curriculum.

In 5 years we see the Gurukul growing to a stage when children will not need to go to Government Schools for their formal education but classes will be held in the Gurukul to cater to the need to go through the school foundation learning process.

Professional's Involvement

Professionals can contribute to the Gurukul by volunteering to take sessions pertaining to any aspect of education or grooming of the children from any of the subjects in which they excel. Children will be able to learn and imbibe better values through the coaching given by professionals who have risen in society and would like to give back to society through their experiences.

Sponsorship and Donation Program

Philanthropists, Corporate bodies and individuals can support this program by contributing for the education of a child in the Gurukul for a full year. Through this program, a deserving child coming from impoverished, marginalised communities will get a sponsor who would pay for the full year’s education which is Rs.24000 per kid.

We welcome the contribution/sponsorship part or full payment which will cover all tuition, hostel fees including food for the child for a full year.

Be A Enabler

For a deseving kids from our school

Contact Our Sсhool

Pandit Mangesh Maharaj Kadam,
House no 1451, Datta Nagar,
Behind Adhyatma Shanti Peeth,
Charholi Road, Alandi Devachi,
Tahsil- Khed,
Dist- Pune, State-Maharashtra-412105 

+91 98810 29039

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